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רז יצחקי

Dr. Raz Yitzhaki

Musician  Speaker  Researcher  Educator 

Jazz Way of Life


Living the Jazz Philosophy - Inspiring Creativity in Teams and Leaders.

With a diverse background in both music and academia, I am a professional jazz musician and educator. My journey includes:

Experienced Speaker: I specialize in creative leadership, innovation, and teamwork inspired by jazz, catering to executives, teams in businesses, organizations, and educational systems.

TEDx Speaker: Innovative leadership and creative teamwork inspired by jazz.

Musician & Lecturer: Sharing my passion for jazz culture with a wide range of audiences.

Educator: My expertise lies in fostering creative thinking in jazz and popular music styles.

Author: I've authored two valuable instruction books, "Jazz Improvisation" and "The Jazz Guide."

Academic Achievements: With a Ph.D. in musicology from Bar Ilan University, an M.Ed. in Music Education from the Levinsky College of Education, and a B.A. in performance from Berklee College of Music, I bring a wealth of knowledge to my work.

Accademic Role: I'm currently a lecturer at the Music Department of Bar-Ilan University.

Jazz Philosophy: I firmly believe that jazz is more than a music style; it's a philosophy and a way of life. It reflects the dynamics of life and offers profound lessons that can inspire creativity, innovation, and a unique way of living.

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18 Maniacs

Innovative leadership and teamwork inspired by jazz

A lecture for team leaders and organizations

מנהיגות ועבודת צוות

Why jazz?

Why should we lead our innovative teams as jazz groups?

How to practice creative jam session strategies in our business?

What insights redefine the role of managers as conductors of creative teamwork?

TEDx Technion


On a small stage in a dark jazz club, a trumpet player, a pianist, a bass player and a drummer play passionately. They are creative, ambitious, eager to express themselves, motivated by their desire to shine at their best. And they want to play something innovative.


Each one has a different point of view, way of thinking and areas of expertise. Despite the differences and perhaps thanks to them, they share a common goal.


Observing their ways of working reveals surprising insights which are relevant for anyone involved in teamwork and leadership.

Think about it

What can managers and team members learn from jazz artists?

  • How do teams of jazz musicians collaborate?

  • How do managers of jazz teams foster the creativity and personal expression of their team members and how do they deal with the different opinion of the other?

  • What management strategies do they use in order to encourage innovation, collaborative thinking and how do they leverage a joined workforce - for the success of the team and the organization they manage?

Teamwork of innovative experts

As in the business world, each of the players in a jazz ensemble has a different expertise: the trumpet player at the front of the stage - is the wizard of melody. The pianist is the master of harmony and color, the bass player is responsible for the low sounds that are the basis of the ensemble, and the drummer - is the rhythmic engine of the team.

More than that: each one has a different way of expression, a completely different function and way of thinking. How do they cooperate despite of their differences?

As in jazz, in organizations of other realms, teams of creative experts with expertise in various fields gather around a round table: CEO's, product , marketing, customer relations, and development managers.

Each one has different perceptions and ways of thinking, which sometimes contradict. ​Each one has different solutions and each one sees different horizons.


Members of these teams needs to join together, collaborate creatively and strive for one common goal.

How to address leadership and teamwork challenges?

Managers and members of creative teams encounter distinct organizational challenges. They must create a work environment that nurtures individual potential, talent, creativity, imagination, and diverse perspectives among team members.

Managers are called to develop leadership that focuses at the personal success of each and every member of the team - and the group success of the entire organization.
The role of managers is to create fertile conditions for creativity and collaboration, which transcends the contrasts and different perspectives of their team members.

Successful managers are required for much more than management skills. They are required to be leaders. ​

Sometimes the inspiration for such leadership comes from surprising realms: the world of jazz music offers brilliant models of collaboration, management and leadership that foster creativity in various types of teamwork.

What's on the lecture?

  • Rare Video Clips - From New Orleans Blues to Contemporary Jazz

  • Exquisite Music - A fusion of Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, to Miles Davis

  • Effective Presentation, Impressive Visuals

  • Construction of powerful Insights: From the jazz content world to teamwork and innovative leadership in your organization.

For whom?

Innovation and creativity are at the heart of the lecture – keywords in the culture of any organization and in every field. Thus, the lecture addresses various industries. The audiences of the lecture are:

  • Management teams in high-tech companies

  • Doctors and medical conferences

  • Industry & technology (traditional) managers

  • Insurance companies

  • Innovation forums

  • Leadership teams of education systems

Let's meet - Jazz up your Teamwork

  • Where? Collaborations have never been so easy thanks to Zoom Platform. You, in your conference room at work, or personal desk at each team member's home - me, in my well equipped studio. 

  • When? 24/7 - Choose the time, I'll be there. 

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About the experience

"A fascinating, immersive, intelligent and educational lecture. I was impressed by the genuine and sincere enthusiasm of an interesting lecturer and the connection you made - between jazz and contemporary management...


All the participants of the conference loved, participated and were carried away with great enthusiasm"

S. Carmi

District psychologist

Jerusalem - Ministry of Education

"An interesting intelligent lecture. Your way is fascinating. You are exciting and it is noticeable that you love what you do..."

A recommended lecturer"

Comme il faut - Israel

"An inspirng lecture.


...the enthusiastic reactions from the guests of the conference from abroad, testified to the high level of your words in the professional aspect...


A recommended lecture"

Dr. Daniel Weigl

Chair of the Pediatric Orthopedic Society

My team was amazed... you broadened their perspectives...

D. Muhlgay - Omis


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